MastoLink keeps your Mastodon profile alive. It harnesses the data from ListenBrainz or Twitch, to seamlessly update your Mastodon profile with your currently playing track or your live status.


Get started

You don't need to follow these instructions if you're only going to use the Twitch link - I assume you already have an account there.

You'll need to have a MusicBrainz account. If you don't have a MusicBrainz account, you can create one!

Once you have an account, you can sign in on ListenBrainz and import data from Last.FM, connect your Spotify account, or use one of the many players which can automatically record your listening history.

You can now continue and log in on MastoLink with your Mastodon account and enter your MusicBrainz username in your configuration dashboard.

Source Code | | Help me keep developing MastoLink on Liberapay